The R4 and K470

The German women's national ice hockey team has for many years entrusted ZARGES cases with the task of safekeeping their most important equipment.

4L Trophy (organiser: is based on the Dakar Rally, 4L Trophy (organiser's website and a charity desert rally that covers 6000 km from Paris to Marrakesh and back. Only the Renault 4 is allowed to participate in the rally.

Every vehicle participating in the rally has to carry along at least 50 kg of educational materials and 10 kg of foodstuffs for schoolchildren in Morocco. The first edition of the race took place back in 1998 and was then initiated and organised by six French students. The race has since then expanded continuously and is today a well-known event – especially in France. This year, the number of registered vehicles broke 1,400 for the first time.

ZARGES is also one of the sponsors for the event this year, with the aim of ensuring that drivers and participants can store their equipment safely and efficiently during the rally. The team from Darmstadt can demonstrate how well our cases fit inside the small vehicles. Clemens Bugiel, Paul Felber, Martin Legleitner & Patrick Otto were on the road in their two Renault 4 cars from February to March – you can read the entire exciting story on this website:

We hope that the rally continues to be a great success next year and that all participants have a lot of fun preparing for it.