ZARGES Box, Eurobox, K470 and more

The aluminium cases for all purposes

ZARGES Box, Eurobox, K 470 & co. – made for extreme challenges.

Hardly any product in the world is as versatile in use as cases and boxes made by ZARGES. They have been used to transport equipment during polar expeditions as well as books for schools in Africa. But ZARGES aluminium boxes and cases are exceptional even in normal day-to-day use thanks to their many advantages for packaging, transport and storage.

Made of aluminium, the boxes stand out through their great durability and low weight. In addition, there are a myriad of details that underscore their quality. Stainless-steel hinges, solid rivets, corner beads and high-strength joints make them durable.

Ergonomic sprung drop handles, sturdy lid-holding straps and snap fasteners made of aluminium/stainless steel are important features for comfort.

Do whatever you want with your ZARGES Box.

Regardless of whether it is used in professional applications or recreational activities, a ZARGES Box combines functionality and design in one. From measurement instruments to model aeroplanes: a ZARGES aluminium box can be used to securely keep and safely transport anything.

No-compromise boundary pushers: ZARGES aluminium cases and boxes.

All ZARGES aluminium boxes and cases stand out through their consistent quality assurance and perfect workmanship:

  • Highly durable stacking corners on the Eurobox and K 470
  • Stainless-steel hinges and riveted joints with solid rivets
  • Lid with foamed seal all round
  • Edge, base and lid profile frames made of solid profiles
  • Corner beads for higher stability
  • Drop handles with return spring and plastic sheathing

ZARGES aluminium cases and boxes are simply a little better:

  • Optimal protection against water spray and dust
  • Extra-thick 1.5 mm aluminium sheet for K 470 cases of sizes 800 x 600 mm and above (not just 0.8 or 1.0 mm)
  • Cases from sizes of 1200 x 800 mm and above feature anti-slip strips on the lid and base for additional stability and safety
  • ZARGES handles retain their original position even under higher loads
  • Load tests are constantly performed on the body, fasteners, handles and straps to guarantee the highest product quality
  • The foam seal on the lid is injected rather than simply glued on
  • 54 mm-wide fasteners rather than the 40 mm fasteners found on conventional cases
  • Extra-wide handles that can be used comfortably even when wearing gloves
  • Welded profile-section joints and burr-free panel joints prevent injury and damage

ZARGES Box Fully protected from spray water, lockable and resistant to corrosion

There are many aluminium boxes, but only one ZARGES Box The very sturdy aluminium case by ZARGES is exactly the right companion for sports, camping & other outdoor activities, recreation and travelling. From tents, accessories, tools to sensitive devices, games, important work documents to foodstuffs – you can use the ZARGES Box to keep everything you love and everything that is precious.

  • Lid made of deep-drawn aluminium
  • Stainless-steel hinges
  • Corner beads for additional dimensional stability.
  • Black, anodised snap fasteners with plug locks.
  • Ergonomic heavy-duty sprung drop handles.


Not just any box but a EUROBOX. The stackable, multi-talented box for transport and storage.

  • Protected from dust and water spray thanks to the injected foam seal all around its lid
  • Edge, lid and base profile frames made of fully welded aluminium sections for high stability
  • Professional stacking corners made of impact-resistant plastic for increased safety when stacking the boxes
  • Corner beads for additional dimensional stability
  • Sized to fit pallets in accordance with DIN 15141
  • Snap fasteners with aluminium/stainless-steel hooks and spring mechanism (for preventing accidental opening) for lead seals, plug locks, and shackle locks with a shackle thickness of up to 6 mm
  • High degree of resistance to corrosion thanks to stainless-steel fittings.
  • ZARGES Comfort fastener for ergonomic operation and extremely long service life with the blue Eurobox clip
  • ZARGES Comfort handles for ergonomic handling and loads of up to 50 kg


Die Universalkiste K 470 ist der Klassiker unter den Aluminiumboxen. Bereits 1950 entwickelt, steht sie noch heute für Innovationskraft, höchste Qualität, maximale Funktionalität und grandioses Design.

Eigenschaften, die viele Nachahmer gefunden hat, doch nie erreicht wurden. Die ZARGES K 470 wird kontinuierlich am neuesten Stand der Technik ausgerichtet und durch sinnvolles Zubehör ergänzt. Damit bietet sie die optimale Lösung für den sicheren Transport & Lagerung. Einfach die beste K 470 Alukiste die es gibt. 

  • Robuste, stapelbare Universalbox aus Aluminium
  • Deckelbefestigung mit durchgehendem Edelstahlband und zwei Gurtbändern
  • Bewährte, umlaufend eingeschäumte Dichtung im Deckel
  • Spritzwasserschutz IP 54
  • Boden- , sowie Deckel- und Randprofilrahmen aus Vollprofilen
  • Profilstöße vollverschweißt
  • Deckel mit Edelstahlscharnierband, zwei Gurtbändern und eingeschäumter Dichtung im Deckel
  • Stapelecken aus Aluminiumguss
  • Umlaufende Sicken und Ecksicken für zusätzliche Formstabilität
  • Ergonomische und langlebige Comfort-Verschlüsse für mindestens 20.000 Betätigungszyklen mit schwarzem Verschluss Clip
  • Klappverschlüsse: Sicherung durch Steckschloss, Plomben, Aufspringsicherungsfeder oder Vorhängeschloss möglich
  • ZARGES Comfort-Handgriffe für ergonomische Handhabung und Belastungen bis 50 kg
  • Deckel und Boden mit Versteifungsprofilen bei diversen Größen
  • 25 Standardgrößen
  • Extra starkes 1,5 mm Blech bei allen K 470 ab 750 x 550 mm Grundmaß
  • Optionale GGV Zulassung
  • Optional Schutzart IP 65


K 424 XC Mobile Box
The new K 424 XC combines the legendary quality of ZARGES cases with new mobility.
K 424 XC Mobile Box full equipment package
A smart purchase – the most practical variants of a K 424 XC rolled into one.
K 424 XC Mobile Box Office full equipment package
A smart purchase – the most practical variants of a K 424 XC rolled into one.

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