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Multi-section fixed ladder systems, V4A stainless steel

SKU: 58857


Multi-section access solution with crossover platform for buildings and machinery.

  • For permanent installation to BGV D 36 and DIN 18 799-1, DIN 14 094-1 and EN ISO 14 122-4.
  • With back guards.
  • Ladder width: 520 mm.
  • Wall brackets with various wall distances up to 600 mm can be selected.
  • The distance between the wall brackets is max. 2.00 m. But each ladder section must be mounted with at least 2 wall brackets.
  • Safety barriers, access protection and platforms can be selected to suit individual requirements.
  • On request, we can also produce fixed-ladders that differ from the standard specifications.

Hints and special features

  • Dowels and screws/bolts for wall mounting are not included in the scope of delivery.,The prices for double-section systems listed below are calculated as follows: Wall bracket in the form of a U-bar, 200 mm rigid, straight stile extensions on both sides, crossover platform, incl. back cage in accordance with DIN 18 799-1.In the case of other requirements, please use our planning system for fixed ladders.

More Information

More Information
access height 15.7 m
Order number 58857
Material Stainless steel
Overall length incl. stile 16.8 m


Order number Overall length incl. stile access height
58807 11.8 m 10.7 m
58818 12.9 m 11.8 m
58826 13.7 m 12.6 m
58838 14.9 m 13.8 m
58849 16 m 14.9 m
58857 16.8 m 15.7 m
58868 17.9 m 16.8 m
58880 19.1 m 18 m
58891 20.2 m 19.1 m