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    K 410 Alu Case
    High functionality meets timeless design: the robust solution for dust- and spla... Learn More
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    K 411 ZARGES Case
    There are now also cases that bear the legendary quality of ZARGES boxes! The ZA... Learn More

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Individually configurable cases as perfect companions
ZARGES cases can be fitted with customised foam inserts and linings and are the perfect companion for travellers and field representatives. They can provide optimal protection to items such measuring equipment, drones, instruments and product presentations. Thanks to their exclusive design, ZARGES cases ensure that the user looks sharp and professional. Made of aluminium and high-quality plastic, ZARGES cases are also very rugged and light.
Highly sensitive equipment and instruments are often used in measurement and test engineering applications. Precision instruments need to be given the best possible protection during transport so that they can perform at their full potential. We recommend using ZARGES measuring equipment cases with customised foam inserts to carry your precision instruments. These cases are durable and highly impact-resistant and reliably protect their contents.

Exclusivity included: the ZARGES case
Made of aluminium and plastic, ZARGES cases are also suitable for use by field or sales representatives to present and showcase products or samples. Likewise, they are perfect for storing and protecting small drones and photography equipment during transport.
This type of cases has many different names. They are also known as: alu cases, hardshell cases, aluminium cases, presentation cases, sample cases, demonstration cases, special cases, transport cases, pilot cases, hard cases, representative case, field cases, plastic cases, cases with foam inserts, and attaché cases.