ZARGES. Ideas for improved ergonomics at the workplace.

If spines suffer, so does the economy.

The problems with and along the spine represent a mass problem. Not only are individuals affected but also the whole of society. Loss of working time, treatment costs, early retirement etc. cause considerable economic damage to companies and businesses, damage that can be considerably reduced by ergonomics at the workplace and ergonomic working materials.

Take responsibility – promote good health!

Bending down, kneeling, squatting, lying down or working upside down: the spines of employees, especially in trade and industry, are confronted with specific challenges on a daily basis. Those who focus on the physical health of their workers as well as the financial health of their company should make use of ergonomic resources. These help to reduce spine and musculoskeletal problems, and subsequently to reduce absenteeism. You benefit from well-trained, motivated employees while easily avoiding unnecessary, long-term costs.

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A load of 50 kg places 900 kg of pressure onto the spinal discs.

Orthopaedic view of ergonomics

The spine has a supporting function and is not a joint. For this reason, the spinal column is stabilised by the back and core muscles which are designed to relieve the strain on joints and ligaments, but above all on spinal discs. Lifting heavy loads creates tension and pressure to the fibrous ring of the spinal discs. A load of 50 kg places 900 kg of pressure onto the spinal discs. Constant stress due to incorrect lifting leads to tearing of the ring and consequently to a herniated disc.

The spine as a work safety topic.

Work safety laws obliges employers to ensure the health and safety of the people in their company. This vital task is undertaken by specialists in work safety. They are trained to identify and assess early on stresses to the spine and joints of employees. It is primarily a matter of reducing stresses and thus maintaining the ability of employees to continue to work over the long term.

Prevention by using appropriate work tools and equipment.

To reduce spinal damage during working lives of employees, employers need to provide appropriate work tools and equipment. It has been proven that the pulling and pushing of loads relieves pressure on spinal discs. Therefore, loads should preferably be transported on wheels.

You can purchase many of the ZARGES containers and aluminium boxes directly online via
or you can simply find a ZARGES specialist retailer near you.

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Pulling instead of carrying. 

Applying force correctly, working without stress protects the spine.

  • Faster and more efficient procedures
  • Saving strength and energy
  • Non-strenuous and flexible working practices
  • Fewer spinal problems – less absenteeism
  • Less stress through improved organisation and order
  • Improved mobility including over rough terrain
  • Compliance with load handling regulations using the K 424 XC


The ZARGES K 424 XC is an innovation from ZARGES to make your routine easier at work and during leisure time while helping to protect your health.

The ZARGES K 424 XC has clever details to provide daily relief.

  • Telescopic handle: Integrated, pull-out handle, suitable for any size of user
  • ZARGES Comfort fastener: Wide and thick gripping surfaces make the box fasteners even more convenient and effortless to operate even when wearing gloves.
  • ZARGES Comfort sprung drop handle: Ergonomically shaped to protect hands while being extremely durable.
  • Integrated wheels as standard: Always mobile with easy rolling special wheels.
  • Wheel set – easy to pull: Quick and easy installation at the press of a button. The large extra wheels for increased clearance and easy rolling over many types of terrain.
  • Made of aluminium: Lightweight for easy handling
  • Off-road – mobile everywhere: All-terrain wheels for heavy loads across any surfaces. Wheels and axle can be fitted without the use of tools.
  • Support: Easy folding support legs enable stable and horizontal parking.
  • Stacking corners: Integrated stacking elements for secure stacking

Strengthening the spine to relieve the spine. Ergonomics in aluminium from ZARGES.

Let wheels take the weight and not your back – by using the ZARGES K 424 XC.

K 424 XC Mobile Box
The new K 424 XC combines the legendary quality of ZARGES cases with new mobility.
K 424XC Mobile Box full equipment packages
A smart purchase – the most practical variants of a K 424 XC rolled into one.


Extensive accessories and equipment to provide order and additional help.

Wheel set 125 mm
Smooth-running set of wheels for uneven surfaces and long distances.
Off-road set 220 mm
On request, ZARGES can equip the K 424 XC with off-road wheels:
Inside pocket with crosswise divider
The flexible organisation system mit Velcro® fastening dividers.
Lid pocket
Attractive lid bags you can fit yourself, made from black nylon fabric.

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