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Quality and service from the market leader – you can count on that.

For more than 80 years, the name ZARGES has been synonymous with top quality and reliability.

New products are designed based on ideas and experience from the markets as well as relevant standards and laws. This is reflected in the reliability and durability of our products, which meet the high expectations placed on them by our customers and partners.

Details that make the difference.

You can purchase many of the ZARGES ladders, scaffolding, platforms and steps directly online via zarges. de or you can simply find a ZARGES specialist retailer near you.

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Quality from ZARGES – the quality of a market leader

Details that make the difference.

ZARGES quality flanging
Extremely rigid Connection between runs and stiles. Clamping of both stile walls with minimum joining clearance. The flanging is optimally formed – without crack formation.
ZARGES belt strap attachment
The attachment of the belt strap is crucial for the permanent resilience of this component and has been a feature of ZARGES ladders for many decades. On stepladders, a release mechanism recesses the fixing strap inside the tread or tube profile and thus also ensures optimum stability.
ZARGES 2-component plastic end caps
ZARGES ladders are equipped with specially developed 2-component plastic end caps. Hard material in the stile, ensuring firm seating of the end cap in the ladder stile even under high loads. Soft material on the contact area between end cap and floor ensures optimum non-slip performance even on smooth floors and surfaces.
ZARGES mobile scaffold tower claw
The ZARGES mobile scaffold tower claw has an automatic locking function and an extra-wide shape, ensuring that it lies firmly on the rungs and does not wobble. The wider the claw and the more firmly it rests on the rungs, the firmer the hold. The ZARGES claw is also easy to operate and does not tilt.
ZARGES connection technology
Attachment parts such as guide fittings, joints or handles are bolted to the stile and can thus be replaced. This means that even after many years of use, you can simply replace damaged elements. Positive-locked connections with the stile profile provide added stability.
ZARGES mobile scaffold tower spigots
The spigot design allows just enough play between the push-on end frames to provide high stability. At the same time, the tapered shape at the top ensures that they slide together easily and with no great effort required. This gives the mobile scaffold tower maximum stability and allows easy assembly.
ZARGES extrusions
For all its aluminium ladders, steps and platforms, ZARGES uses of aluminium extrusions. They combine the highest stability and durability with low weight.
ZARGES rung-stile connection
The rung-stile connection is welded all round on ZARGES mobile scaffold towers, thus ensuring the highest stability under maximum loads. Ribbed rungs ensure a firm grip and safe climbing.

Overview of the whole range in all its diversity.

The German women's national ice hockey team has for many years entrusted ZARGES cases with the task of safekeeping their most important equipment.

You order your mobile scaffold tower by 10 a.m. We deliver by 6 p.m. two days later, within Germany (with the exception of postcodes 17, 18 and islands). And we not only deliver quickly, but directly to the address of your choice. You stipulate the delivery address. You don't have to pick the consignment up, and you save time and money. Your ZARGES mobile scaffold tower is delivered straight to the place where it is needed. To your company or directly to your construction site.

ZARGES spare parts service

A reliable supply of spare parts for all products gives you the certainty that your ZARGES access equipment will always be in perfect condition, even after many years of use.

You can purchase many of the ZARGES ladders, scaffolding, platforms and steps directly online via zarges. de or you can simply find a ZARGES specialist retailer near you.

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