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Heavy duty single ladder (Studio)
Utility value meets design: the strongest of all ZARGES ladders with high load capacity and luxurious black finish for heavy-duty use.
Single ladder with treads and padded front edges (Studio)
The ladder for maximum working comfort that is also a visual highlights.
Flanged single ladder with treads, anodised (Studio)
The high non-slip performance of Safer Step Technology makes for comfortable and safe use, while the anodised stiles are wear-resistant and pleasant to hold.
Single ladder with flanged treads (Studio)
Comfort and economy: safety during ascent and descent, lower weight, compact dimensions and an excellent price/performance ratio.
Riveted single ladder with treads (Studio)
The lightest single ladder with treads in the ZARGES range, with no compromises on comfort and safety while working, but a bonus when it comes to the price/performance ratio.
Seventec single ladder with treads (Studio)
The deep treads and 7-point tread-stile connection ensure a high degree of comfort, safe standing and extremely high stability.
Single ladder with rungs (Studio)
The flexible solution for a wide variety of uses: extra-wide ladder is comfortable to use and safe to stand on.
Single ladder with rungs (Studio)
Lightweight, flexible and robust: the ideal solution for jobs that need doing quickly and safe access.
Single ladder with rungs (Studio)
The compact alternative - with respect to size, weight and price/performance ratio.
Single ladder with rungs (Studio)
The inexpensive alternative for safe ascent and quick and flexible application.
All-plastic single ladder with rungs (Studio)
The safety ladder for quick application in chemical or electrical environments.
Timber single ladder with rungs (Studio)
The alternative in material and price: pleasant to grip at all temperatures, popular on building sites and with painters.
Telescopic single ladder (Studio)
The world champion when it comes to space-saving: extremely small format for transport, but wide rungs for a secure standing surface.
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