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Rope-operated ladders

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ZARGES rope-operated ladders for working at great heights
ZARGES rope-operated ladders and rope-guided single ladders are the right solution for working at great heights. In contrast to other ZARGES ladders, a rope-operated ladder is equipped with a rope to help users adjust the ladder's length easily and conveniently.

Rope-operated ladders with a wide lower ladder for stability
Due to their great lengths, all ZARGES rope-operated ladders are fitted with an especially wide lower ladder section and replaceable plastic feet. This is to ensure the ladders are stable and do not slip when someone is standing on them. To make them easy to transport and set up even by one person, the top section on many ZARGES rope-operated ladders is equipped with abrasion-resistant wall wheels that are gentle on walls. These wheels allow the ladder to be set up and extended along a wall or floor.