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ZARGES har i över 80 år representerat kompromisslös kvalitet med kontinuerliga innovationer inom områdena stegar, förpackningar och transport samt speciallösningar. Som Europas första lättmetallföretag är ZARGES, med huvudkontor i Weilheim/Obb., i dag verksamt internationellt med omkring 800 medarbetare och tre produktionsanläggningar i Europa.
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ZARGES historia

1933 öppnades ett litet företag i Stuttgart: ZARGES Leichtmetallbau. Företagets grundare Walther Zarges förverkligade sin dröm om ett företag som underlättar vardagen för människor.

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Företag som ZARGES fungerar även som förebilder. Med vårt hållbarhetsarbete och vår uppförandekod vill vi ta vårt lokala och globala ansvar.
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Lediga tjänster hos ZARGES

Här hittar du aktuella lediga tjänster. Om du hittar någon som intresserar dig får du gärna skicka in din skriftliga ansökan till angiven adress eller via e-post till personal@zarges.de.
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Safe and ice-free on the road in winter: ZARGES presents modular de-icing and maintenance platforms for trucks

New standard product can be modularly expanded and offers a stable surface for safe working.

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30,000 arguments for standard-compliant ladders.

Ladders are ubiquitous in industry and crafts. However, more than 8,000 employees in the construction industry suffer accidents each year due to a fall – across all sectors there are up to 30,000.

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New trend on construction sites: Platform ladders are overtaking rung ladders in terms of safety

ZARGES platform ladders eligible for BG Bau subsidies offer greater protection and also promise optimal handling.

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New, versatile organisation and transport trolley by ZARGES makes care more attractive

The modular nursing and organisation trolleys can be easily modified with accessories to adapt to each application without using any tools.

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What happens when a rechargeable battery is defective?

Tips on how to handle damaged lithium-ion batteries during transport

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New website for ZARGES

It has been five years since the last time zarges.com got a fresh coat of paint. ZARGES GmbH, a pioneer in access technology and packaging solutions, has now completely revamped its internet presence for Europe. The ultimate goal of this overhaul is to meet the most demanding of customer...

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Spring cleaning in Germany: how professional cleaning and maintenance work can go seamlessly. ZARGES gives professionals a few tips on how to work safely in houses and gardens.

Weilheim, 25 April 2018 – the busiest time for trade professionals begins after the period of poor weather: the yearly spring maintenance work is about to happen. Roofers, building cleaners and painters help in household spring cleaning, for example, by providing professional dirt removal services....

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Transporting defective lithium-ion batteries safely. New ZARGES case prevents damaged batteries causing fire.

Weilheim, 27 March 2018 – Excelling in terms of their low weight and high efficiency, lithium-ion batteries are a central part of electric cars, battery-powered tools and smartphones. However, their extremely high energy density harbours considerable risk of fire. Dangerous goods packaging expert...

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It is now official: the EN 131-1+2 standards are in force. Things have changed for retailers.

Weilheim, 31 January 2018 – The EN 131-1+2 standards issued by the European Committee for Standardization came into effect on 1 January 2018, bringing along a few important improvements regarding the production and use of ladders. From now on, only ladders that meet the new design and test...

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Ready to fuel: Fuelling made easy at inter airport Europe 2017

ZARGES introduces new products for maintenance and repair of all kinds of aircrafts

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The K 411: For everyone who wants to push boundaries at work

ZARGES sets new benchmarks for stability, durability and style with its new case.

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Hazardous goods approval for ZARGES Mobile Box

Additional quality feature for the practical case with castors

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Modern helicopter maintenance with ZARGES platforms

• ZARGES delivered four work platforms to the Baden-Württemberg State Police helicopter squadron

• Safe and convenient access for maintenance and repair work

• Compliance with work safety and accident prevention regulations

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Useful and practical equipment for more safety and convenience

ZARGES has expanded its range of accessories for ladders and scaffolding to include “All the extras you need”

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Outstanding design quality

ZARGES K 424 XC Mobile Box receives German Design Award 2017

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